MultiversX /Hackathon 2023: Forging the Future of Social Media in the Web3 with Calileo

The curtains might have closed on MultiversX’s xDay Hackathon 2023, but the symphony of innovation, collaboration, and future-focused tech lingers on. Today, we are elated to walk you through Calileo’s adventure, our accomplishments, and the revolutionary vision we laid out at this distinguished event.

MultiversX’s xDay Hackathon is now renowned as a crucible for talent, pioneering ideas, and cutting-edge projects. Here, Calileo manifested its commitment to reshaping the social media landscape using the transformative power of web3 technologies. Amid a field of remarkable competitors, Calileo emerged as a beacon, illuminating the path toward the next generation of decentralised social platforms.

Our Mission at xDay

Innovation coupled with effective execution defines the spirit of a hackathon. Our team, fuelled by dedication and unparalleled expertise, set out to craft the blueprint for the future of social media. At the forefront of our initiative was an integration with Itheum’s avant-garde data technology.

Endorsed by Itheum under the “Infrastructure and Dev Tooling” Bounty Track, our proposition aimed at metamorphosing every interaction, post, and engagement into verifiable assets, reinforcing user autonomy and data privacy. The integration of Itheum’s Data NFTs allowed us to champion user data ownership and sculpt a transparent, decentralised, and holistic social milieu.

This groundbreaking amalgamation heralds a new epoch for Calileo, unfurling an expansive umbrella of prospects. Imagine a world where creators, in complete command of their data, liaise directly with advertisers, crafting bespoke content experiences. Calileo, as a pivotal technology orchestrator, would ensure the platform’s vitality by adopting a judicious monetisation approach. We envision taking a fair remuneration from such transactions, thus fostering a sustainable and robust business model. This not only fuels our growth trajectory but further cements our commitment to decentralisation and user empowerment.

The Calileo Vanguard

Our commendable run at the MultiversX Hackathon stands as a testament to our team’s diligence, prowess, and synergy. Here’s a nod to the formidable minds behind our success:

  • Dens Akoka: Our visionary Founder & CEO, embodying our ethos with over 6 years in web development and a fervour for web3 evolution.
  • Viktor Vostrikov: Co-founder & CTO, the technical virtuoso propelling our blockchain initiatives.
  • Thomas Giordmaina: Our Web3 Lead Dev, a cornerstone with over a decade of tech immersion.
  • Haonan Chen: Full-stack savant with a profound expertise in blockchain intricacies.
  • Cameron Bryce: Backend maestro, architecting our platform’s resilience.

Achievements & Recognitions

The MultiversX Hackathon was a cauldron of diverse and groundbreaking ideas. We are ecstatic to announce our clinching of the 2nd place among the triumphant teams. This honour is not just an emblem of our project’s potential but a robust endorsement of our trajectory. Our heartfelt gratitude to Encode Club for orchestrating this invaluable convergence of industry luminaries.

This video was submitted to the /hackathon jury.

Significantly, esteemed sponsors such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Tencent Cloud graced the event. Their presence not only elevates the stature of the hackathon but also unfolds myriad potentialities in funding and credits towards their expansive services.

Here are the resources that helped the jury give us the 2nd place:

The Horizon Ahead

Our Hackathon journey was not an endpoint, but a launchpad. With a functional MVP on the devnet and an imminent transition to the mainnet, we’re on the cusp of unfurling Calileo to the global populace.

To visionary partners, VCs, and grant programs – our beacon is lit. The robustness of a working MVP and a crystal-clear roadmap bolster Calileo’s promise. We are fervently open to conversations that meld visions and pave avenues for mutual growth. You can email Dens at if you are interested.

Wrapping Up

The MultiversX Hackathon 2023 was not just a fleeting moment; it was a pivotal chapter in Calileo’s odyssey. Our conviction is stronger than ever, anchored in a vision of a decentralised social nexus that empowers individuals, guarantees data sanctity, and nurtures authentic, rewarding engagements.

Stay tuned to our channels for an inside view of our continual progress and breakthroughs. We’re just revving up, and ahead lies a world where decentralisation is not a choice, but the norm!