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Dens Akoka

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to celebrate the remarkable journey of Calileo, our decentralised social media network crafted on the MultiversX blockchain. This year was a vibrant testimony to our team’s dedication, the unwavering support from our community, and the incredible potential unleashed when innovation and community engagement collide.

Milestones of Progress and Community Spirit

  • MultiversX Web3 Chess Arena – March: Our sponsorship of the Web3 Chess Arena was more than an event; it was a celebration of the community spirit, integral to Calileo’s ethos.
  • Ethos Collection Sold Out – April: The sell-out of our Ethos collection in April marked a milestone, solidifying the trust and support of our early backers.
  • Recognition in Hypergrowth Presentation – June: Our project caught the eye of MultiversX in June, earning us a spot in their Hypergrowth presentation, and bolstering our visibility and credibility in the blockchain space.
  • Calileo Alpha Launch – July: The Alpha launch to our Ethos holders was a leap towards realising our vision, marked by enthusiastic feedback and invaluable insights for future improvements.
  • Poker Night with xCards – August: Hosting the Poker Night was not just fun but a testament to the bonds within our community, a core element of our platform.
  • Brand Revamp – October: Our brand overhaul in October was a visual and strategic refresh, symbolising our readiness for the exciting times ahead.

Triumph at MultiversX xDay Hackathon and Beyond

  • MultiversX xDay Hackathon – October: Our presentation at the xDay Hackathon in Bucharest was a defining moment. Winning second place in the Infrastructure and Dev Tooling bounty track, we showcased our innovative data ownership solution, integrating Itheum’s Data NFT technology. This achievement was a significant leap forward in enhancing user privacy and platform interactivity.
  • Financial and Technical Support – November/December: Our success at the hackathon garnered the attention and support of the MultiversX Foundation. This recognition led to financial backing through a grant and valuable credits from AWS and Google Cloud, enhancing our infrastructure and accelerating our technological advancements.

Entity Finance Discussion and Itheum Accelerator Program

  • Entity Finance Discussion – December: Our engagement with Entity Finance in December was a platform to showcase Calileo’s future in social media and Web3. We emphasised our commitment to equitable creator rewards and innovative content moderation.
  • Itheum Accelerator Program – January 2024: The new year starts with an exciting development. Calileo’s selection for Itheum’s 5-week accelerator program in January 2024 marks a significant step towards our continuous evolution and collaborative growth.

Looking Ahead: 2024 and the Future of Social Media

As we step into 2024, Calileo is poised for groundbreaking achievements. Our focus is on enhancing the user experience, making blockchain interactions seamless, and welcoming even those new to Web3. With the upcoming beta and full launch, coupled with the $CAL token sale, we’re on the brink of revolutionising social media by adhering to the principles of decentralisation, community empowerment, and technological innovation.

The journey thus far has been exhilarating, and the path ahead is even more promising. We invite you to join us in this transformative venture as we redefine the essence of social media on the MultiversX blockchain. Let’s embark together on this exciting journey to craft a new narrative in online connectivity.

The curtains might have closed on MultiversX’s xDay Hackathon 2023, but the symphony of innovation, collaboration, and future-focused tech lingers on. Today, we are elated to walk you through Calileo’s adventure, our accomplishments, and the revolutionary vision we laid out at this distinguished event.

MultiversX’s xDay Hackathon is now renowned as a crucible for talent, pioneering ideas, and cutting-edge projects. Here, Calileo manifested its commitment to reshaping the social media landscape using the transformative power of web3 technologies. Amid a field of remarkable competitors, Calileo emerged as a beacon, illuminating the path toward the next generation of decentralised social platforms.

Our Mission at xDay

Innovation coupled with effective execution defines the spirit of a hackathon. Our team, fuelled by dedication and unparalleled expertise, set out to craft the blueprint for the future of social media. At the forefront of our initiative was an integration with Itheum’s avant-garde data technology.

Endorsed by Itheum under the “Infrastructure and Dev Tooling” Bounty Track, our proposition aimed at metamorphosing every interaction, post, and engagement into verifiable assets, reinforcing user autonomy and data privacy. The integration of Itheum’s Data NFTs allowed us to champion user data ownership and sculpt a transparent, decentralised, and holistic social milieu.

This groundbreaking amalgamation heralds a new epoch for Calileo, unfurling an expansive umbrella of prospects. Imagine a world where creators, in complete command of their data, liaise directly with advertisers, crafting bespoke content experiences. Calileo, as a pivotal technology orchestrator, would ensure the platform’s vitality by adopting a judicious monetisation approach. We envision taking a fair remuneration from such transactions, thus fostering a sustainable and robust business model. This not only fuels our growth trajectory but further cements our commitment to decentralisation and user empowerment.

The Calileo Vanguard

Our commendable run at the MultiversX Hackathon stands as a testament to our team’s diligence, prowess, and synergy. Here’s a nod to the formidable minds behind our success:

  • Dens Akoka: Our visionary Founder & CEO, embodying our ethos with over 6 years in web development and a fervour for web3 evolution.
  • Viktor Vostrikov: Co-founder & CTO, the technical virtuoso propelling our blockchain initiatives.
  • Thomas Giordmaina: Our Web3 Lead Dev, a cornerstone with over a decade of tech immersion.
  • Haonan Chen: Full-stack savant with a profound expertise in blockchain intricacies.
  • Cameron Bryce: Backend maestro, architecting our platform’s resilience.

Achievements & Recognitions

The MultiversX Hackathon was a cauldron of diverse and groundbreaking ideas. We are ecstatic to announce our clinching of the 2nd place among the triumphant teams. This honour is not just an emblem of our project’s potential but a robust endorsement of our trajectory. Our heartfelt gratitude to Encode Club for orchestrating this invaluable convergence of industry luminaries.

This video was submitted to the /hackathon jury.

Significantly, esteemed sponsors such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Tencent Cloud graced the event. Their presence not only elevates the stature of the hackathon but also unfolds myriad potentialities in funding and credits towards their expansive services.

Here are the resources that helped the jury give us the 2nd place:

The Horizon Ahead

Our Hackathon journey was not an endpoint, but a launchpad. With a functional MVP on the devnet and an imminent transition to the mainnet, we’re on the cusp of unfurling Calileo to the global populace.

To visionary partners, VCs, and grant programs – our beacon is lit. The robustness of a working MVP and a crystal-clear roadmap bolster Calileo’s promise. We are fervently open to conversations that meld visions and pave avenues for mutual growth. You can email Dens at if you are interested.

Wrapping Up

The MultiversX Hackathon 2023 was not just a fleeting moment; it was a pivotal chapter in Calileo’s odyssey. Our conviction is stronger than ever, anchored in a vision of a decentralised social nexus that empowers individuals, guarantees data sanctity, and nurtures authentic, rewarding engagements.

Stay tuned to our channels for an inside view of our continual progress and breakthroughs. We’re just revving up, and ahead lies a world where decentralisation is not a choice, but the norm!

As the climax of our participation in the MultiversX Hackathon, we’re thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking feature on Calileo – the ability to claim your Data NFT, developed in collaboration with Itheum. This step-by-step guide, complete with screenshots, will walk you through this user-empowering process.

Step 1: Purchase an Ethos NFT from secondary

Head to the Xoxno Ethos NFT’s page and make your purchase to whitelist your wallet in Calileo. This is the only way for now to exclusively try the app on MultiversX devnet.

Step 2: Get devnet eGold (xEGLD)

Get your xEGLD using the MultiversX web wallet faucet here. This will help sign the transaction to enter the Calileo dApp.

Step 3: Connect to Your Wallet

Begin by visiting and connecting to your wallet, setting the stage for an intuitive, user-centric experience.

Step 4: Dive into the ‘Activity’ Section

Once connected, navigate to the “Activity” option in the sidebar menu, your starting point to a world of data ownership and privacy.

Step 5: Unravel Your Detailed Data

Click on “Access your detailed data,” unveiling an in-depth overview of your interactions and engagements on the platform.

Step 6: Mint Your Data NFT

The journey to data ownership starts with a click on “Mint your Data NFT,” initiating the transformation of your data into a digital asset.

ℹ️ You need to make sure that you own ITHEUM tokens before claiming your data NFT. The app is currently on devnet — to claim your devnet ITHEUM token, follow these simple steps on their documentation page “Getting ITHEUM devnet tokens via the Data DEX – MultiversX Devnet”.

Step 7: Validate the Transaction

Transition to the “MultiversX DeFi Wallet” tab to authenticate the transaction or opt for other supported wallets like xPortal for signature validation. (Make sure to have at least 20 ITHEUM in your wallet).

Step 8: Explore Itheum’s Platform

Post-transaction, click on “Visit Itheum’s website” which will guide you to a realm where data privacy and ownership come to life.

Step 9: Venture into Itheum’s Wallet

On the Itheum platform data DEX, head to “Wallet” to inch closer to your Data NFT unveiling.

Step 10: Visualise Your Data NFT

Click on “View Data” to explore your personalised Itheum x Calileo Data NFT, a digital representation of your engagement and interactions.

⚠️ On devnet, “view” and “preview” data aren’t available yet. But you can see a hint of what it will look like once we go mainnet here.

Step 11: Deep Dive into Data Ownership

Download and delve into your Data NFT, a treasure trove of insights, interactions, and digital assets.

In the spirit of innovation fostered by the MultiversX Hackathon, we partnered with Itheum to birth this feature. Each step, complemented by a screenshot, ensures a user-friendly journey from the onset to the pinnacle of data ownership.

Embark on this intuitive journey, immerse in the novelty of personalised data ownership, and experience the revolution engineered at the confluence of Calileo’s innovative strides and Itheum’s technological prowess. Your digital interactions are not just personal; they’re owned, private, and incredibly empowering. Happy minting!

In the current digital renaissance, traditional social media platforms, though monumental in global connectivity, have exhibited profound limitations. Centralised structures, privacy concerns, and skewed value distribution models underscore an urgent need for evolution. As we navigate this changing landscape, our hackathon project, Calileo, marks our stand in this revolution, offering a blend of innovation, user empowerment, and enhanced privacy in the world of social media.

Building Calileo: A Meld of Innovation and User Empowerment

At the MultiversX x Encode Club Hackathon, we’re not just participants; we are pioneers, journeying through the intricate process of intertwining advanced Itheum technology with the blossoming world of Calileo. Our objective? A visual tool that not only maps social connections among users but also transforms these interactions into valuable, tangible assets using data NFTs.

Every post, like, share, and comment on Calileo is more than a digital imprint; it’s a thread weaving the intricate tapestry of a shared digital narrative. Itheum’s technology ensures that users aren’t just passive participants but active contributors, owners of their data, and beneficiaries of their digital engagements.

What’s Next? Beyond the Hackathon

Post-hackathon, our gaze is set on expansive horizons. With Calileo in the alpha stage on devnet, the subsequent phase is a launch into the public domain (mainnet), a realm where every user discovers the symbiosis of social interaction, privacy, and data ownership. Our detailed roadmap delineates the intricate path ahead, accentuating the enhancement of data ownership and user agility within the Calileo ecosystem.

We are not just building a platform; we are constructing an ecosystem, an enriched space where interactions are not ephemeral but are immortalised as data NFTs, giving users unequivocal control and earning possibilities from their data. Every interaction on Calileo is an asset, a unique piece of the broader digital assets ecosystem.

Calileo’s Use Case: A Paradigm Shift in Social Media

The Calileo experience is tailor-made for a diverse audience. Content creators will find a haven where creativity is not just encouraged but is tangibly rewarding. Crypto enthusiasts will navigate through a world where blockchain technology is not an abstract, distant concept but is infused in everyday social interactions.

But Calileo is not restricted to these groups; it’s a world where the broader demographic of social media users will experience enhanced privacy, interactive, and rewarding social experiences. In the expansive realm of social media, Calileo stands distinct, marked by its user-centric ethos, blockchain’s transparency, and fairness.

In Conclusion

As we advance in the MultiversX x Encode Club Hackathon, every line of code written, every feature integrated, and every feedback considered is a step towards a world where social media is not just a platform for interaction but a space of empowerment, ownership, and value creation. Calileo is more than a project; it’s a movement towards a future where every user is a creator, owner, and beneficiary of their digital existence.

Join us in this journey of revolutionising social media, where every interaction is not just meaningful but valued, contributing to a vibrant, shared, and equitable digital narrative. We are not just coding a platform; we are weaving the future of social media – decentralised, equitable, and profoundly empowering. Calileo is currently live at the alpha stage. Try the app and read our documentation to test it out on devnet.

In a digital age dominated by vast, centralized platforms where user data often becomes a marketable commodity, Calileo emerges as a beacon of hope. This community-built decentralized social platform is setting new standards in the world of social media, placing control, privacy, and empowerment back into the hands of its users.

A Deep Dive into Calileo’s Origins

Born from the vision of a transparent digital world, Calileo is more than just a social platform. It’s a call to action against centralized giants that have long determined how we interact, share, and even think online. The very ethos of Calileo rests on the bedrock of blockchain technology – decentralization, transparency, and absolute user control.

Why Calileo Stands Out

At first glance, one might wonder: “Isn’t it just another social media platform?” The answer is a resounding no. Here’s what sets Calileo distinctly apart:

  1. User-Centric Design: On traditional platforms, users often become the product. Their data, preferences, and activities are commodified. In stark contrast, Calileo prioritizes user empowerment, letting individuals have complete control over their data and actions.
  2. Genuine Decentralization: While many platforms tout the term “decentralized”, Calileo truly embodies it. Decisions and updates aren’t made by a singular authority but are driven by the community’s interests.
  3. MultiversX Wallet Integration: Calileo’s seamless integration with the MultiversX wallet, encompassing platforms like xPortal, ensures not just easy access but enhanced security. Users can be confident knowing that their interactions are safeguarded by some of the most robust cryptographic methods available.
  4. Devnet Trials: The Calileo experience isn’t built in isolation. It undergoes rigorous testing on a devnet, where real users interact with the platform. This hands-on approach ensures continuous refinement, optimizing for genuine real-world conditions.

Calileo’s Vision for the Future

The journey is as significant as the destination. As Calileo navigates its Alpha stage, it’s evident that the platform’s ambitions are sky-high. There’s a commitment to evolve continuously, always with the user at the forefront.

Anticipating potential challenges users might face, Calileo offers features like faucet integrations through MultiversX wallet for straightforward transaction testing. For those new to the Dapp world, comprehensive guides are readily available at, ensuring that the platform remains accessible and user-friendly.

An Invitation to the Greater Blockchain Community

Calileo’s roots may be firmly planted in the fertile grounds of the MultiversX blockchain community, but its branches reach out far and wide. Blockchain enthusiasts, whether they align with Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin, ICP, Tezos, or any other blockchain realm, are cordially invited to explore, critique, and be part of the Calileo revolution.

The Road Ahead

With every new user, every piece of feedback, and every update, Calileo moves a step closer to reshaping the online social landscape. The platform envisions a world where interactions aren’t dictated by algorithms with commercial interests but are genuine, organic, and user-driven.

For brands, content creators, charities, and everyday users, Calileo offers an uncharted world filled with possibilities. From monetizing content without sacrificing rights to transparent fundraising for noble causes, the potential use cases are endless and revolutionary.

Final Thoughts

In the vast digital ocean, Calileo stands as a lighthouse, guiding those weary of centralized control towards a haven of decentralization and genuine connectivity. While the journey has only just begun, the momentum is undeniable. The future of social interaction is decentralized, and it seems, with Calileo, that future is already here.

Join the revolution, be a part of history, and let’s together shape a transparent, user-driven digital world.