Frequently Asked Questions

This web page will answer all your questions related to Calileo, MultiversX, and content creation on the decentralised social platform.

Last updated on August 4, 2023​



Galileo discovered the solar system. His ideas were amazing and changed the way people think and live. At the time, Earth was the centre of the Universe, just like peopleʼs beliefs in Web2 are. If Galileo had proved to the rest of the world, despite being forced to tell that he was wrong, that he was absolutely right, then the (G)Calileo project can do the exact same with a fair and secure Web3 social network for everyone. The logo represents Galileoʼs eye, looking forward to new discoveries. It also represents an orbiting planet, the main discovery of Galileo. You can also see a C within the sphere. C for Calileo. A social network governed by its users and cryptocurrencies.

Dens has always wanted to create something that will revolutionise the world and change things for the better. Then he heard about current social media issues regarding freedom of speech that Elon Musk started to raise. That’s when he figured out there was something to do. So he made tons of research, which is what the whitepaper is all about. Then he sort of proposed Calileo to the public. Now we have our core team, multiple strategic partnerships, and a great community.

Web3 is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web-based on blockchain technology, which incorporates concepts such as decentralisation and token-based economics. It is a cool way to introduce the integration of blockchain technologies such as smart contracts, tokens, and NFTs into our social network.

Decentralised Social Networks operate on independently run servers, rather than on a centralised server owned by a business, such as Facebook/Instagram/TikTok and the others. Calileo is one example of a decentralised social network. It will be based on open-source software and will function a lot like its centralised counterparts, visually.

⚡ Scalability, security, and decentralisation achieved thanks to MultiversX solving the blockchain trilemma.

⚡ 250,000 TPS that is more than sufficient to support a global social network.

⚡ Transaction fees near 0, allowing adoption

⚡ xPortal offers a complete interoperability between applications and is already trusted by 1M+ users.

⚡ The herotag will enable widespread adoption of truly decentralised social media systems.

If you want to invest now, you can participate in our different token sales that are happening throughout 2023, the link will be added very soon. At the release of the project, our Ethos holders will be able to invest during the pre-sales by transferring either USDC or EGLD from an external wallet. Then, later on in 2023, the public will be able to invest in the token.

1️⃣ Be the first web3 social platform on MultiversX.

2️⃣ Be the first choice as a global decentralised social platform for crypto users.

3️⃣ Capture non-crypto users and popularise a fair social network for everyone.

We plan to quickly mature in the Elrond ecosystem, onboarding community-driven projects. We will show our most important forces during the MVP release, to get quick traction and onboard bulk numbers for our Beta release in Q2 2023. Gaining maturation in the MultiversX ecosystem will prepare us to ultimately become a cross-chain platform, where users from other blockchains will be able to join Calileo.

It’s in our scope, but far on the horizon. Here we’re talking cross-chain, probably NFTs, etc. This is where we have to make a difference with other web3 social platforms and popularise those terminologies and make them accessible to a larger audience, outside the web3. On Calileo you will use web3 features without even realising that you are using web3 features. That’s the way for global adoption outside blockchain communities.



Absolutely, we are advocates of open source technology and we think the advancement of humanity stands on principles of open source technology. We would like to allow contributors, auditors, and so forth, to be rewarded for making Calileo’s code safer in the future.

Calileo will allow the same process as you’ve previously seen on leading social platforms with what the MultiversX team calls “login 2.0”.

Calileo will be almost fully decentralised, yes, storing users’ content on the blockchain. It’s that way that you decentralise a platform.

Using decentralised storage systems, Calileo can protect user information from exploitation and malicious use. No one will sell your personal information to advertisers, and neither will hackers be able to steal your confidential details.

We have recently decided to move basic interactions such as “follow” and “likes” to the backend, for user-experience reasons.


Yes, naturally. But we will start up with a mobile-friendly progressive web-app.



Yes, a platform that protects its users is one of the most important matter to us. Adults will be able to set up their own algorithm/feed to avoid contents they wouldn’t like to see on their feed, like offensive or harmful messages. Children will have to be monitored by their parents or a representative to allow the right settings that only the parents or representative will be able to edit for the under 18 kid or teenager. Which will lock any sort of offensive content that shouldn’t be seen by an underaged.

Calileo has an automated content moderation that recognises illegal/inappropriate contents that are not accepted online or anywhere in the world.

For transparency, you can find accurately the level of content filtering here.

You will be able to signal content and it will be voted on by a randomly selected jury of 12 people for it to stay on the Calileo platform or not.

Calileo will always seek an unanimous verdict first. This is a verdict on which all jurors agree, so either guilty or not guilty (the signalled post doesn’t stay or stays). In the early stages when the jury is considering its verdict, Calileo cannot accept a majority verdict. If the jury is completely stuck, a majority decision may be accepted. The timing of this will vary from case to case. In general, the most serious reported content will have a longer wait.

If Calileo decides to allow a majority verdict, it will tell the jury that they should strive to reach a verdict with which they agree. If they cannot, Calileo will tell them that a majority verdict will be accepted. In a 12-person jury, no more than two jurors may disagree. When there are 10 or 11 members on a jury, only one person can disagree. However, if there are 9 jurors, the verdict must be unanimous. If the verdict is ‘not guilty’, the defendant is free to let their post stand (if there are no other outstanding issues).

And yes, the jury will get a reward in $CAL for their participation.

To recap

  • All jurors must agree on an unanimous decision to allow a verdict.
    • If the decision is not guilty, then the defendant is free to let their post stand.
    • If the decision is guilty, then the defendant will see their post deleted.
  • If the jury cannot agree on an unanimous decision, Calileo decides to allow a majority verdict.
    • If 12-person jury: decision made if no more than 2 jurors disagree.
    • If 10 or 11-person jury: decision made if no more than 1 juror disagree.
    • If 9-person jury: decision made if the verdict is unanimous.

Only the above parameters can allow a verdict. If the jury is again stuck, Calileo will manually study the case. In that case, the jury won’t be incentivized in CAL tokens for not being able to make a decision together.



Calileo is a multi-type of media social platform. Where users will be able to create regular posts with text, images, videos and GIFs, articles, Chords (Instagram-like Reels), podcasts, stories, livestreams, and much more.

During the Alpha (MVP) stage. Calileo will only offer text and images content, fully on-chain.

Find a features release schedule here.

Yes, of course! There will be boosted content, which will be free for verified charities! There will only be ads on feeds between 2 posts. Like on Twitter or TikTok. Not like YouTube.

We’re planning to share Ad revenues with Calileo users, allowing advertisers to use their data. It’s in the pipeline.

It will be an ad that will be chosen according to what the creator is used to consuming on Calileo. Their data would be monetised and they would share a portion of the revenue generated by this ad in their wallet. But if they decide not to share their data with the platform and advertisers, then they will not monetise anything ‘ad-wise’.



Our Ethos NFT collection is sold out. Therefore we aren’t giving away WL anymore.

Yes. The DAO will be utilised to vote strategic decisions made for the Calileo Social Platform and more. Our community will have a voice, which is important to us.

Our first major fundraiser is going to be our NFT sale. Where 70% will be allocated to our treasury. This 70% will contribute to development, marketing and other things. All are focused on the development of the platform. For the remaining 30% please read our Ethos webpage.



Calileo grants access to the usage of its network through intrinsic utility tokens called Calileos, in short CALs. All rewards for various contributions to the network will be paid in CALs. Creating content, curating content, improving the open source code, supporting creators and users, having an impact on others in the platform, and other sort of contributions will be rewarded in CALs.

Yes, $CAL is an Elrond Standard Digital Token (ESDT).

Users will be able to support/tip people with your CALs. They will also have the opportunity to purchase your Moon premium membership to unlock more features if you are a content creator, such as unlocking a “Subscribe” button and setting monthly payment for exclusive content (think OF). $CALs will serve as fees when sending out ESDT tokens to other people through our messaging system. CAL gives but can also take back, otherwise it is not viable.