Introducing Calileo

Introducing Calileo

Dens Akoka · Aug 19, 2022 · 3min read

We are Calileo, a social platform exclusive to the Elrond Community. Brand new. Intuitive. Trusted. Secure. Coming to Elrond Network in Q4.

Home Page

After a seamless login to Calileo using your Maiar Wallet, you are introduced to the Home screen of our Social Platform

Here we see an unprecedented feature in the Elrond community – Stories. See photos and daily activities of the Elrond team or anyone you choose to follow.

Included in the feed is a brand new “Boosted” feature, where prominent figures in the community along with NFT holders will be able to promote or advertiser their content for the entire Elrond ecosystem to see.
More engagement equals higher rewards in $CAL token.

A sleek and sophisticated Main Menu contains 5 icons, in order from left to right, Home, Explore, Create, Live and Community Centre.


In a way Elrond has never seen before, content creators who work together will be featured on a “Collaborators” page pertaining to the content released.

Here, creators will have the opportunity to split rewards, donations, and tips. We believe collaboration allows users to grow, share knowledge, and monetise their work.

Creator Profile

A Profile Home Page will feature statistics such as how much $CAL token your account has generated, along with the number of donations, tips, and a couple of other general Social Media statistics.

Utilizing our Maiar Wallet connection system, you will also be able to privately view the contents of your wallet from the app. This particular profile is a “Creator Profile”, meaning the user is in possession of a CalileoCreator NFT, which will also determine the extra benefit and reward bonuses.


Introducing Calileo Chords! Here, users can upload short videos of their content, reaching audiences who don’t have time to read through articles or posts, and would prefer obtaining knowledge in a visual manner. Strum your Chord with a strong collection of videos to increase engagement and improve your follower base.


Here is what a theoretical comment section would look like in reply to the content uploaded to Calileo. We offer a clean and professional method of publicly communicating with creators, whilst also contributing to overall engagement.

Main Profile

Here is what a well-developed profile of an important Elrond community member would look like.

Anything and everything created by this person will be easily available to view and interact with. Some content may have restrictions or require a transaction to open, but we encourage as much free sharing as possible on Calileo.

Communication Hub

The Calileo Communication Hub, will be where community members spend their time reaching out to other Elrond holders and having conversations. Whether be interest in an NFT or a question about $EGLD, the CalCom is where you need to be.

Direct message

Direct Messages is the first option to choose from, which is similar to what is enjoyed on most social platforms, but with the addition of in-app money transfers. Since your Maiar Wallet is attached to the Calileo app, using the secure Elrond blockchain, money can be transferred between profiles through the DM portal.

Community Chat

The second communication option is called the Community section, where large associations like NFT Collectors or Elrond traders can discuss amongst each other. These overall Community Chats can be divided into as many subsections as necessary – in this case we included General Chat, Support, Developers and Trading. A successful NFT-specific Community may have multiple subsections to productively divide their population.

Additional Information

You can now explore the official prototype of our app on Calileo’s website! We have also prepared a slideshow highlighting the details and features of our Version 1.0 application.

Calileo is moving with incredible pace to upgrade to Version 2.0 within the coming weeks. The prototype places a lot of focus on the Community Hub, so we encourage you to interact with this interface. Certain features like Explore are still being implemented.

If any Elrond influencers would like to know more information about Calileo or their potential passive income, please reach out to @dens_calileo.

For more information, please visit us:

Dens Akoka
Dens Akoka

CEO, Calileo

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