Year in Review #2022.

Dens Akoka · Dec 31, 2022 · 5min read

For Calileo, 2022 has been a remarkable year of construction, building from the ground, and solving problems for cryptocurrency users. This is achieved through the adoption and onboarding of non-web3 users by introducing them to the power of decentralisation.

Challenges, passion, purpose, and support are the words that would perfectly describe our year 2022. We overcome these challenges as a team, driven by purpose and the passion we ignite, like a flame. But nothing would’ve been possible without the support of our community. We build what we are passionate about, but you are the true heroes.

Q1 2022 – A new dawn for social platforms

The world is impacted by centralisation issues, where shareholders on current social platforms will censor anything that goes against their views, and what they get paid for by governments and other private entities. These worrying issues were addressed on Twitter by Elon Musk, later planning to buy the social platform to tackle the freedom of speech problems. One major barrier was still in place and couldn’t be removed though; Twitter wasn’t built on a blockchain, thus, isn’t decentralised. Only a login method utilising a non-custodial wallet would allow such a connection in the web3 social world. Where true ownership, freedom of speech, and lucrative content creation are only possible.

Q2 2022 – New foundations for the world

I was well aware of current issues on social media platforms, and I was looking for a decentralised substitute such as Steemit and The main problem was that they wouldn’t keep me engaged to create on their platform and connect with others. Their UX wasn’t performing well enough for already marketed products to millions of users. So, what if there was a decentralised social platform that could offer more in terms of UX, provide tools for content creators, and take advantage of new blockchain technology?

On June 15th, I proposed Calileo to the public, A Highly Scalable Decentralised Social Network Built On The Elrond Blockchain, under the form of a whitepaper, litepaper, and onepager. Building such foundations for the world of tomorrow helped me to gain interest from some of the best talents on MultiversX to help me build Calileo. We also successfully unlocked our first funds, wowing grants in the UK with such a project with clear structure and roadmap. This confirmed the viability of the Calileo project.

Q3 2022 – Development and marketing

We have decided from the beginning that we will always build alongside our community. They will have their word on the development of Calileo, as holders of our NFT collection called Ethos.

This quarter was focused on developing the project, creating the first prototype with our UX/UI partners, Jujotte. Our community of OGs were really excited about this, and they loved our first version of the prototype, already envisioning a product that would unify the cryptocurrency market to onboard non-web3 users. A user-friendly tool built on the web3, for everyone to enjoy.

We simultaneously developed our team, igniting our product but also our community, that grew from a hundred to thousands in a few months. This piqued the interest of many other entities on MultiversX, who wished to form a partnership by joining the platform that will unify us all in onboarding the next billion. We secured 10+ partnerships and are still discussing with others, notably those from the Metabonding program of MultiversX.

We designed our collection called Ethos during this time. Ethos (ethics) are essential to the sustainability of an organisation like Calileo. Its neutrality must remain, but its values have to be stated and understood by our community. Ethos NFT stands for what Calileo is and what our ethics are. We are building a masterpiece, as Michaelangelo did with its David, but with a touch of inclusivity, history, and pop culture. Showing off our values and what our future users can expect from Calileo, an inclusive and cohesive decentralised social platform, for the world to use.

Q4 2022 – Ethos Kickoff & MVP build

Our Ethos NFT collection went live thanks to Combased with a minter they provided for our private sale. We were successfully funded by our core community to develop what Calileo will be as a minimum viable product. Our sale has also helped us to raise money for Victor in the Together4Victor initiative.

We completed our second prototype during the last quarter of 2022. Our version 2.0 display exactly what we are building and planning on releasing in 2023 for our Ethos holders of a Moon and/or Diamond memberships and our partners. We secured more partnerships in this quarter, focusing on onboarding main MultiversX actors during our Alpha and Beta release.

Our Ethos NFT enjoyed a highly successful private sale, with the public sale live on Frame It and is still ongoing here.

What 2023 holds for Calileo

The new year will give and excite our community with many new releases. Firstly, our Alpha (MVP) version, for our Moon and Diamond Ethos holders and partners will be released. Then, our $CAL token seed and private sales open to our investors. We will also release a proper DAO for our Ethos holders to vote on strategic decisions alongside the team.

Later on, Calileo will become public for everyone that wishes to join the full power of web3 content creation. It will come with brand new features and possibilities, such as the integration of automatic earnings in $CAL through the platform. Rewards boost and staking for Ethos holders will also become options.

We will then unleash the power of Calileo Moon, a Twitter Blue like premium subscription to unlock the full potential of the web3 on Calileo, with improved customisation and tools for content creators and brands. We will also introduce boosted contents (ads) and many more features throughout time, with a competitive UX similar to popular web2 platforms which updating will be a high priority.

We’d like to thank our community for such an amazing year. It has revealed difficult challenges but also many rewarding moments. Twenty twenty-two was enriching. Twenty twenty-three, we make history.

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Dens Akoka
Dens Akoka

CEO, Calileo

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