Introducing #EthosOne.

Dens Akoka Β· Dec 17, 2022 Β· 2min read

To celebrate our Ethos community and promote our upcoming public sale, we are announcing the #EthosOne competition! πŸ†

What is #EthosOne?

In light of the global connections MultiversX has created over the last 3 years, the team at Calileo sees an opportunity to get people to express their creativity and celebrate the global nature of our digital community, while also paying homage to the beauty of the physical world. 🌍

You’ll need to upload your submissions to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #EthosOne to be considered, but more to come on that below.

How can I win?

1st Category PrizeπŸ₯‡: 5 $EGLD & 3 Ethos

Take a photo with your Ethos NFT somewhere special in the world for the best chance to win the 1st category prize.Β 

We encourage your Ethos to be printed out in any way, shape or form. The bigger and more outrageous the better. πŸ”₯

2nd Category PrizeπŸ₯ˆ: 3 $EGLD & 2 Ethos

The 2nd category prize goes to the most creative Ethos photoshop.

Connect a real-life background with the traits of your Ethos for the best chance to win! Collaborations with other NFT brands are encouraged for added variance.

3rd Category PrizeπŸ₯‰: 2 $EGLD & 1 Ethos

The 3rd category prize goes to the coolest artistic recreation of Ethos.Β 

Use paint, pencil, software, whatever you desire and let your creativity run wild using the base of our Ethos NFT as your inspiration. You can find it here. You may also find useful to use our Media Kit.

How to enter?

πŸ—³ Post your submissions with the #EthosOne hashtag on Instagram or Twitter. Use #EthosOne to check out all the entries for yourself. 

The voting will be done in 2 rounds. 

The first round will be on Twitter and Instagram using the #EthosOne hashtag. All entries MUST contain this hashtag. 

We’ll select the best 5 participants per category and the Discord community will vote on their favourites to declare the #EthosOne champions. πŸ†

Let’s go spread the Calileo mission. πŸš€

All current Ethos NFT owners can participate and your NFT must be in your wallet to win the prize. 

The deadline for #EthosOne entries is January 17th.

Voting will commence through our Discord once we have selected our shortlist. 

Good luck!

The first step of our Ethos Evolution is now.

For more information, please visit us:

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  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • Telegram
Dens Akoka
Dens Akoka

CEO, Calileo

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