ETHOS by Calileo, Introduction

ETHOS by Calileo, Introduction

Dens Akoka · Sept 5, 2022 · 7min read

The Problem

Our community has had the pleasure of exploring and owning some incredible art on Elrond, a blockchain with so much potential in the future of NFT’s. Unfortunately, even though there exist a few instances of very high quality art, there is often a lack of utility within these projects. We have seen entire communities become enraged if there are any issues with their staking, fusions, or any controversial decision. In addition, the rewards earned through staking often represent a very small portion of the money paid to buy the NFT. Utilities are difficult to come by without a specific product backing the collection, understandably so. The brand has to work with only a chunk of $EGLD from the mint, their image, and their art. The collection is now placed in a difficult dilemma – Adapt or Die. There is no automated or guaranteed growth for such projects; it must be done manually. We have seen most projects without true utility fall off a cliff on Elrond, with only a few remaining immensely successful due to their beloved designs. Now, one brief exploration of the marketplaces will reveal the shift to utility-rich NFT’s, but with lessened attention to art quality. These range from one-rank Membership Passes to seemingly rushed and faulty designs. Many of these NFT’s are still very useful and valuable; we are speaking in a generalized sense at the moment.

Calileo has witnessed this shift from art to utility in full force, and therefore realized the need for a solution. We are grateful to be in a position where the downfalls and upbringings of many projects can be analyzed before our release; at the significant cost of a saturated market lacking some liquidity. We truly believe that Calileo can create new liquidity and bring more members of the ecosystem to NFT’s. Sometimes we forget that there are over a billion dollars invested in $EGLD, many of which are holders who refuse involvement with the premature NFT market. In a space flooded with questionable options, why not invest your precious $EGLD into a luxury asset instead?

The Solution

It is interesting in life that two separate entities can go unnoticed on their own, but when combined, can reflect an idea in the most beautiful way. We wish for our Social Platform and our NFT Collection to complement each other to perfection. ETHOS is not your average collection. The effort involved in the NFT is directly correlated to the effort we put into making sure Calileo provides its people with the best user experience possible. ETHOS strives to be the first project on Elrond that releases top notch art combined with all of the utility one would need to become a media master. The solution arises then from the coalescence of amazing art, a VIP experience, and lucrative utility

To stay true to this methodology, Calileo has implemented a completely new idea into its NFT Collection: Membership Traits. Now we will see the excitement that arises from looking for and categorizing specific traits which correspond to your level of Calileo membership. The ranks are as follows: 

  1. Moon (Highest) 
  2. Diamond
  3. Obsidian
  4. Ruby
  5. Jade 
  6. Standard

Observe each special trait in detail and realize that you have minted not only a rare NFT, but an access pass to everything Calileo has to offer through our state of the art application. This is possible with an asset leveraged by a Social Media Platform bound for success in the Elrond Ecosystem.

ETHOS Luxury

ETHOS is considered as a “Mega-Trait” Collection, featuring 190+ total traits, compared to most projects which only employ about 120 traits. Even with the increased number of traits, we can guarantee there are no shortcuts taken. For a collection size of 10,000,  ETHOS must portray uniqueness in every single NFT. When one mints a flawless hand-drawn Ethos, they put themself in a position to enjoy long lasting success in the world of blockchain social media. Let us take a moment to focus on the art itself. Each trait has been meticulously crafted in a painstaking process occurring over months. This amount of detail and perfection can only be achieved through hard work and dedication. The traits themselves are ones the community can effortlessly connect and resonate with, combining ideas from pop culture with ancient objects that have maintained their importance since the dawn of time. We represent some of the greatest creators in human history while adding our own personal hints of humor and “hipness”. 

The parent model is based on our transformative artistic recreation of the Statue of David, sculpted by Michelangelo at only 26 years old, completed in the year 1504. Michelangelo. David of Michelangelo. 1502–1504. Galleria dell’Accademia, Florence. The original David currently rests in the Accademia Gallery of Florence in Italy, with countless replicas scattered around the world. It is said that Michelangelo believed himself to be especially ugly, and that he was in turn given a gift to create the highest standard of ideal male beauty through this statue. David represents the fight for power from a place of vulnerability, recalled through the biblical story of David vs Goliath. Calileo views this statue as one of the most magnificent creations by a human being, taking the Italian Renaissance artist 2 years of labor and brilliance to sculpt from one single block of white marble, without a single flaw. This masterpiece represents everything Calileo wishes to portray with our Social Media Platform: Elegance, Confidence and Creation.

ETHOS Transparency

We wish to be incredibly transparent in our launch of this collection, meaning it is important that the Elrond community is aware of where the NFT sale money is heading. 70% of the funds will be allocated to the Calileo Treasury, used for development and assurance that our platform is consistently upgraded and can deliver the absolute best experience for the user. The treasury also allows Calileo to pay for experience and expertise, bringing in the most capable professionals to accelerate the growth of our ecosystem. 5% of the funds will go to charity, in this case, SuperVictor. This young hero is backed by a huge portion of the Elrond community, and it is our pleasure to join forces to help this child live a long and happy life. The remaining 25% of funds will be used for legal issuance, artist fees, developer fees, platform and website design fees, marketing fees, and personal compensation. We believe that the highest quality art and app design is a necessity for our success. Any extra fees are to be considered as an investment into the overall quality of Calileo, and the user experience. We also acknowledge that ETHOS art borrows a few concepts based on pop culture, but has taken significant action to ensure no copyright or legal issues ensue with ETHOS collection. No ideas or trademarks have been stolen, and each trait includes many aspects of originality. David of Michelangelo is in the public domain. 

A brief description of the artists out of AJK Design Studio who created the NFT: 

We are a vibrant, young, multicultural group of individual artists from Canada with a passion for detail, uniqueness and impressionism. Involved in the Elrond Ecosystem since 2020. We incorporate our intuition and strive for greatness in every project we encounter. Our relentless collaborative approach allows us to deliver the highest quality NFT content.” – AJK Design Studio.

Content creation has never been so simple in the Elrond ecosystem, and early users have the chance to create a generous stream of passive income. These rewards fall effortlessly into your wallet as you create at will, using your time to focus on ideas you are truly passionate about. As a great man once said, “Success is finding something you love to do, getting paid to do it and finding someone to share it with.” – Dick Clark.

For more information, please visit us:

Dens Akoka
Dens Akoka

CEO, Calileo

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