A Brief Summary of the Story of ETHOS

Dens Akoka · Sept 29, 2022 · 6min read

Elrond’s NFT space has been alive and well for over a year at the time of writing. Investors have been exposed to almost every scam or scandal imaginable at this point, leading to a strong and careful decision making process. Each failure in the space has allowed Elrond NFT investors over time to be less naive and more cautious with their purchases. An enormous factor in this decision making process is trust. We want Calileo to be a platform that users can trust fully and independently. The ETHOS collection made by Calileo is a direct representation of the trustworthiness that Calileo attempts to portray through all of its operations. We are in absolutely no position to be engaging in any form of malicious behaviour. The values embedded within Calileo go hand in hand with ETHOS. An NFT project of this scale will support Calileo whilst opening up our community to a completely new style of NFT. 

Elrond investors can no longer be tricked or taken advantage of like in some of the earlier days. We have gained valuable market knowledge which can distinguish legitimate projects from ones looking to make quick profits. Building Calileo is an expensive and ambitious venture, meaning funds are necessary to pay the design teams and developers, while building a strong foundation for the treasury.  The initial idea of raising money through a correlated NFT project is a solid idea, but it comes with its fair share of moral dilemmas.

In the grand scheme of things, there are two different approaches that Calileo could take. The first approach (and the less moral of the two), is to rush out a decent NFT with highly aggressive marketing. This means paying influencers and promoters to garner as much hype as possible to maximize immediate sales profit. The NFT can be subpar, rushed, uninteresting, but the marketing tactics and association with Calileo would allow for some form of success, likely through taking advantage of investors. The utility would still exist, but there would be no true attachment to the art of such an NFT. Our team could not stomach an approach in this manner, instead deciding to take the longer route. A specific quote comes to mind in the process of dealing with such a dilemma: 

“If you accomplish something good with hard work, the labor passes quickly, but the good endures. If you do something shameful in pursuit of pleasure, the pleasure passes quickly, but the shame endures” – Musonious Rufus.

The team at Calileo decided, much like Elrond itself, it is most important to build a product that people will love, and let them explore it on their own. The ETHOS collection is one that has required hundreds of man hours of time and dedication, and we believe seasoned NFT investors will be able to appreciate this quality as soon as eyes are laid upon the collection. 

The most successful project on Elrond to date, Elrond Apes, had no product to back their design, only a community of believers. One thorough examination of traits such as the Samurai Jacket highlight the extreme attention to detail and hours of effort put into accomplishing such a perfect design. Their brand is built through beauty and elegance, not utility and hype. This goes to show the importance of a collection that takes their art seriously, with traits tailored to perfection. 

The success of Elrond Apes is inspiring because it shows what is possible through hard work and attention to detail. Even though the Calileo Social Platform will leverage our ETHOS collection, we wanted to combine this utility with the kind of effort required to build a collection that investors can truly appreciate. We want people to spend time observing the details and the easter eggs. We want something people will be proud of to don as their profile picture. An achievement such as this, in a saturated space, means only one thing: no shortcuts. If we want respect through ETHOS, it must be earned. 

The collection is so unique in countless senses. There are many traits that have never been seen before on Elrond. There is a hint of humour that has never been seen on Elrond. We want to release a project that has at least one trait that can resonate with anybody minting. 

The team at Calileo understands how sharply momentum can build. The ball is rolling but it is ultimately up to the investors to decide whether or not they love the art. In addition to the crucial list of utilities highlighted in other postings, we needed ETHOS to bring back exceptional art to the Elrond NFT space. The kind of art that one recognizes as luxurious; art which must have taken months to complete in its entirety. 

ETHOS is Calileo’s baby. We know how important an NFT project is when representing and supporting a company. To choose a base model, we needed to think of a character which could portray confidence, trust, and creativity. Instead of developing a new character from scratch, we believed the right choice would be a historical object instead. There existed ideas of a mythical creature or an alien, but David was the favourite choice of the team. Recreating Michelangelo’s David was not the easier option, but the statue itself carries centuries of emotions and meaning to millions of people. Creating a character from scratch makes their personality difficult to trust, whereas David has stood the test of time as a symbol of perfection and elegance. 

When making decisions for traits, it is of utmost importance to take community desires into perspective. If we ask ourselves what is lacking from the Elrond NFT ecosystem at the moment, the most obvious answers are: A humorous NFT, never before seen traits, and traits that resonate with people. We want to mix five different categories of traits: Funny, Meaningful, Unique, Classics and Memberships. With 180 total traits, this complex mixture would not be a problem. We want each and every David to have its own personality. It is abundantly clear that our community loves controversial, surprising and detailed traits. When we spend our precious $EGLD on an NFT, we are going to take the time necessary to study every single brush stroke. This is why every trait has been reviewed and audited by a minimum of 5 sets of eyes, as not to miss any details. In the process, the design team also implemented fixes and suggestions by multiple established NFT artists, in an effort to produce the highest quality hand-drawn collection on Elrond. 

In conclusion, the story of ETHOS is one that combines careful thought with hard execution. We can either present the community with a jpeg file, or a complex arrangement of pixels with a real personality. One is much harder to create than the other. Your David represents what you believe in, what you think is clever, and what you want to portray as a creator of Calileo. There is a trait for everyone, and more importantly, there is David for everyone.

For more information, please visit us:

  • Whitepaper
  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • Telegram
Dens Akoka
Dens Akoka

CEO, Calileo

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Latest news on Calileo​

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Since our inception, the team at Calileo has realized how important a strong and vibrant community foundation is to the overall success of a project. We strive to build one of the most engaging community spaces in the...

The story begins in Calileo, a town in the ancient Roman Empire, where hard work, honesty, and the pursuit of excellence were valued above all else. From a young age, respect and admiration of the peers and elders was earned by..

ETHOS by Calileo, Technicals

Dens Akoka · Sept 11, 2022 · 7min read

Diving into ETHOS

There were two deeper problems which presented themselves alongside the proposed solution, which needed to be solved by the ETHOS collection. The First  – Membership Details. What happens if one person owns more than 1 Etho? If one owns a high ranked membership, would there be any incentive to keep lower ranked Ethos other than to flip? We needed to bring real utility to every single Etho, even the lowest ranks. Is there a way to make ETHOS a fair playing ground for smaller investors while implementing a fix? If Calileo users each own an NFT representing the best membership, would they not sell the extras for less than face value, manipulating the floor price? 

The Second – Whale Influence. A great deal of volume in most projects comes from a group of whales – fact. If one person buys 100 Ethos and creates daily and engaging content, do they receive an unfair amount of $CAL? How can the smaller investor or the less represented members of the Elrond community receive their fair share of rewards?

Introduction to ETHOS Boost System

Rank Contribution

Enter the ETHOS Boost System. Each Etho in the collection will be provided with incentive to hold. The formula is as follows: The boost you receive will be calculated by adding the original boost percentage of your highest ranked membership, to half of the boost percentage of each subsequent Etho you own, with a maximum $CAL reward boost of 600%. This consequently helps content creators with less $EGLD in their wallets. Every extra Etho that a whale holds, will have its boost percentage halved, allowing more rewards to be distributed to creators with only a few Ethos. The adjusted percentage boost can be applied to any Membership Rank in ETHOS, making the calculation simple. Here is an example of how the ETHOS boost program would work for two investors, one big, and one small: 

Bob owns 1 Moon Etho and 10 Standard Ethos. His $CAL reward Boost would be (100% + (5%*10)) = 150% Total Boost

Alice owns 1 Diamond Etho and 1 Ruby Etho. Her $CAL reward Boost would be (80% + (20%*1)) =100% Total Boost

Investors who own more than 1 Etho will have the money from half of their extra boosts allocated to creators with fewer Ethos. If the reward batch for a specific day is 100,000 $CAL, less money will be rewarded to the whale for their extra Ethos, meaning the “saved” money must be divided amongst the remaining creators. The whale, although at a slight disadvantage, still has an opportunity to achieve a 600% reward boost. This allows for content creation to be extremely lucrative for those who have spare $EGLD to invest. The early stages of ETHOS will be important, with smart money taking full advantage of the boosts while the number of creators is still small.

ETHOS Advantages

The distribution method using the ETHOS Boost System gives NFT holders a very significant advantage over regular content creators. Here’s how it works: 

There is a set amount of $CAL token to be released linearly to content creators over 30 months. The set amount of $CAL to be rewarded will be divided amongst each individual user. (Creators will have the option to donate or redistribute any unwanted $CAL rewards to the community). An algorithm will first calculate the percentage of rewards each creator would receive, based on their contribution. If one creator accounts for 1% of the activity and engagement on Calileo, then they would receive 1% of the $CAL distribution. The boost system reweighs these percentages based on your share of ETHOS. Having a Moon Membership Boost does not mean your entire reward is doubled, but your contribution percentage is doubled and then reweighted amongst every other wallet receiving rewards. This mechanism is important to maintain token scarcity and maintain a very low inflation rate. Early ETHOS holders will be rewarded the most money as Calileo remains in its infancy. As the platform grows, the importance of owning ETHOS to maintain rewards will also grow, as new creators will also be fighting for their fair share of earnings. Any Ethos sitting on a marketplace address cannot be considered for the Boost System. The only way to compete with ETHOS holders in terms of rewards is to consistently deliver the highest quality content day in and day out to earn your fair share.

Here is an example calculation: 

Imagine 20 Wallets each contribute an equal 5% of the creator activity and engagement on Calileo. Without the boost mechanism, each wallet would receive 5% of the $CAL rewards for that day. Now imagine one of these wallets owns an ETHOS Moon Membership. That wallet would now be considered to account for 10% of the creator activity and engagement. When reweighted, this one wallet would receive 9.52% of the $CAL rewards for that day, with the other 19 wallets receiving 4.76% each. The differences between wallets becomes less dramatic as more creators join Calileo and the rewards are spread amongst more users and ETHOS holders.

More Utility

Accounts linked with ETHOS will be immediately noticed, as a form of membership distinction will appear on profiles holding an Etho. All ETHOS will have the option to be staked to earn more $CAL, with the Moon Membership receiving the highest percentage of allocated weekly rewards. We also are integrating memberships into Calileo’s upcoming campaign: ETHOS International. More details coming soon. Here is an updated list of all of the game-changing features based on the level of membership that you mint:

Moon Membership

  • Voting Power Boost: +100%
  • $CAL Contribution Boost: +100%
  • Lifetime Calileo Moon
  • Seed Token Sale WL
  • MVP Exclusive Access
  • Moon Verification Ticker
  • 20% of ETHOS Staking Rewards (Smallest Pool)

Diamond Membership

  • Voting Power Boost: +80%
  • $CAL Contribution Boost: +80%
  • 1-year Calileo Moon
  • Seed Token Sale WL
  • MVP Exclusive Access
  • 18% of ETHOS Staking Rewards

Obsidian Membership

  • Voting Power Boost: +60%
  • $CAL Contribution Boost: +60%
  • 9-month Calileo Moon
  • Private Token Sale WL
  • Early Beta Access
  • 16% of ETHOS Staking Rewards

Ruby Membership

  • Voting Power Boost: +40%
  • $CAL Contribution Boost: +40%
  • 6-month Calileo Moon
  • Private Token Sale WL
  • Early Beta Access
  • 14% of ETHOS Staking Rewards

Jade Membership

  • Voting Power Boost: +20%
  • $CAL Contribution Boost: +20%
  • 3-month Calileo Moon
  • Private Token Sale WL
  • Early Beta Access
  • 12% of ETHOS Staking Rewards

Standard Membership

  • Voting Power: 1x
  • $CAL Contribution Boost: 10%
  • Private Token Sale WL
  • 20% of ETHOS Staking Rewards (Largest Pool)

ETHOS is priced at an affordable 0.8 $EGLD in the Public Sale, allowing most people in the ecosystem to own at least one. The Private Sale price for whitelisted wallets will be 0.6 $EGLD, for a 25% discount. It will take time and patience for the extended community to appreciate the collection, which is why we want to price ETHOS to benefit the early adopters as much as possible. We believe the presale mint price will be the lowest you can ever buy an item from this collection. As Calileo grows, we expect the value of ETHOS to grow in correspondence, adding to the luxury art factor as time goes on. In the real world, a luxury image takes a lot of time to properly formulate (think Rolex or Rolls Royce), but ETHOS attempts to accelerate this process in the digital world. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but an NFT with this much care and precision has no choice but to be admired by all who lay eyes on it. 

From the team at Calileo, the precision and effort put into our NFT collection represents the quality of work associated with our Social Media Platform. We strive for the best possible products, improving and adapting on a day-to-day basis. Within the next year, we know we will build an ecosystem that everyone on Elrond can call home.

For more information, please visit us:

  • Whitepaper
  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • Telegram
Dens Akoka
Dens Akoka

CEO, Calileo

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Latest news on Calileo​

Check out our latest blog posts and updates

Since our inception, the team at Calileo has realized how important a strong and vibrant community foundation is to the overall success of a project. We strive to build one of the most engaging community spaces in the...

The story begins in Calileo, a town in the ancient Roman Empire, where hard work, honesty, and the pursuit of excellence were valued above all else. From a young age, respect and admiration of the peers and elders was earned by..

ETHOS by Calileo, Introduction

Dens Akoka · Sept 5, 2022 · 7min read

The Problem

Our community has had the pleasure of exploring and owning some incredible art on Elrond, a blockchain with so much potential in the future of NFT’s. Unfortunately, even though there exist a few instances of very high quality art, there is often a lack of utility within these projects. We have seen entire communities become enraged if there are any issues with their staking, fusions, or any controversial decision. In addition, the rewards earned through staking often represent a very small portion of the money paid to buy the NFT. Utilities are difficult to come by without a specific product backing the collection, understandably so. The brand has to work with only a chunk of $EGLD from the mint, their image, and their art. The collection is now placed in a difficult dilemma – Adapt or Die. There is no automated or guaranteed growth for such projects; it must be done manually. We have seen most projects without true utility fall off a cliff on Elrond, with only a few remaining immensely successful due to their beloved designs. Now, one brief exploration of the marketplaces will reveal the shift to utility-rich NFT’s, but with lessened attention to art quality. These range from one-rank Membership Passes to seemingly rushed and faulty designs. Many of these NFT’s are still very useful and valuable; we are speaking in a generalized sense at the moment.

Calileo has witnessed this shift from art to utility in full force, and therefore realized the need for a solution. We are grateful to be in a position where the downfalls and upbringings of many projects can be analyzed before our release; at the significant cost of a saturated market lacking some liquidity. We truly believe that Calileo can create new liquidity and bring more members of the ecosystem to NFT’s. Sometimes we forget that there are over a billion dollars invested in $EGLD, many of which are holders who refuse involvement with the premature NFT market. In a space flooded with questionable options, why not invest your precious $EGLD into a luxury asset instead?

The Solution

It is interesting in life that two separate entities can go unnoticed on their own, but when combined, can reflect an idea in the most beautiful way. We wish for our Social Platform and our NFT Collection to complement each other to perfection. ETHOS is not your average collection. The effort involved in the NFT is directly correlated to the effort we put into making sure Calileo provides its people with the best user experience possible. ETHOS strives to be the first project on Elrond that releases top notch art combined with all of the utility one would need to become a media master. The solution arises then from the coalescence of amazing art, a VIP experience, and lucrative utility

To stay true to this methodology, Calileo has implemented a completely new idea into its NFT Collection: Membership Traits. Now we will see the excitement that arises from looking for and categorizing specific traits which correspond to your level of Calileo membership. The ranks are as follows: 

  1. Moon (Highest) 
  2. Diamond
  3. Obsidian
  4. Ruby
  5. Jade 
  6. Standard

Observe each special trait in detail and realize that you have minted not only a rare NFT, but an access pass to everything Calileo has to offer through our state of the art application. This is possible with an asset leveraged by a Social Media Platform bound for success in the Elrond Ecosystem.

ETHOS Luxury

ETHOS is considered as a “Mega-Trait” Collection, featuring 190+ total traits, compared to most projects which only employ about 120 traits. Even with the increased number of traits, we can guarantee there are no shortcuts taken. For a collection size of 10,000,  ETHOS must portray uniqueness in every single NFT. When one mints a flawless hand-drawn Ethos, they put themself in a position to enjoy long lasting success in the world of blockchain social media. Let us take a moment to focus on the art itself. Each trait has been meticulously crafted in a painstaking process occurring over months. This amount of detail and perfection can only be achieved through hard work and dedication. The traits themselves are ones the community can effortlessly connect and resonate with, combining ideas from pop culture with ancient objects that have maintained their importance since the dawn of time. We represent some of the greatest creators in human history while adding our own personal hints of humor and “hipness”. 

The parent model is based on our transformative artistic recreation of the Statue of David, sculpted by Michelangelo at only 26 years old, completed in the year 1504. Michelangelo. David of Michelangelo. 1502–1504. Galleria dell’Accademia, Florence. The original David currently rests in the Accademia Gallery of Florence in Italy, with countless replicas scattered around the world. It is said that Michelangelo believed himself to be especially ugly, and that he was in turn given a gift to create the highest standard of ideal male beauty through this statue. David represents the fight for power from a place of vulnerability, recalled through the biblical story of David vs Goliath. Calileo views this statue as one of the most magnificent creations by a human being, taking the Italian Renaissance artist 2 years of labor and brilliance to sculpt from one single block of white marble, without a single flaw. This masterpiece represents everything Calileo wishes to portray with our Social Media Platform: Elegance, Confidence and Creation.

ETHOS Transparency

We wish to be incredibly transparent in our launch of this collection, meaning it is important that the Elrond community is aware of where the NFT sale money is heading. 70% of the funds will be allocated to the Calileo Treasury, used for development and assurance that our platform is consistently upgraded and can deliver the absolute best experience for the user. The treasury also allows Calileo to pay for experience and expertise, bringing in the most capable professionals to accelerate the growth of our ecosystem. 5% of the funds will go to charity, in this case, SuperVictor. This young hero is backed by a huge portion of the Elrond community, and it is our pleasure to join forces to help this child live a long and happy life. The remaining 25% of funds will be used for legal issuance, artist fees, developer fees, platform and website design fees, marketing fees, and personal compensation. We believe that the highest quality art and app design is a necessity for our success. Any extra fees are to be considered as an investment into the overall quality of Calileo, and the user experience. We also acknowledge that ETHOS art borrows a few concepts based on pop culture, but has taken significant action to ensure no copyright or legal issues ensue with ETHOS collection. No ideas or trademarks have been stolen, and each trait includes many aspects of originality. David of Michelangelo is in the public domain. 

A brief description of the artists out of AJK Design Studio who created the NFT: 

We are a vibrant, young, multicultural group of individual artists from Canada with a passion for detail, uniqueness and impressionism. Involved in the Elrond Ecosystem since 2020. We incorporate our intuition and strive for greatness in every project we encounter. Our relentless collaborative approach allows us to deliver the highest quality NFT content.” – AJK Design Studio.

Content creation has never been so simple in the Elrond ecosystem, and early users have the chance to create a generous stream of passive income. These rewards fall effortlessly into your wallet as you create at will, using your time to focus on ideas you are truly passionate about. As a great man once said, “Success is finding something you love to do, getting paid to do it and finding someone to share it with.” – Dick Clark.

For more information, please visit us:

  • Whitepaper
  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • Telegram
Dens Akoka
Dens Akoka

CEO, Calileo

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Latest news on Calileo​

Check out our latest blog posts and updates

Since our inception, the team at Calileo has realized how important a strong and vibrant community foundation is to the overall success of a project. We strive to build one of the most engaging community spaces in the...

The story begins in Calileo, a town in the ancient Roman Empire, where hard work, honesty, and the pursuit of excellence were valued above all else. From a young age, respect and admiration of the peers and elders was earned by..

Introducing Calileo

Dens Akoka · Aug 19, 2022 · 3min read

We are Calileo, a social platform exclusive to the Elrond Community. Brand new. Intuitive. Trusted. Secure. Coming to Elrond Network in Q4.

Home Page

After a seamless login to Calileo using your Maiar Wallet, you are introduced to the Home screen of our Social Platform

Here we see an unprecedented feature in the Elrond community – Stories. See photos and daily activities of the Elrond team or anyone you choose to follow.

Included in the feed is a brand new “Boosted” feature, where prominent figures in the community along with NFT holders will be able to promote or advertiser their content for the entire Elrond ecosystem to see.
More engagement equals higher rewards in $CAL token.

A sleek and sophisticated Main Menu contains 5 icons, in order from left to right, Home, Explore, Create, Live and Community Centre.


In a way Elrond has never seen before, content creators who work together will be featured on a “Collaborators” page pertaining to the content released.

Here, creators will have the opportunity to split rewards, donations, and tips. We believe collaboration allows users to grow, share knowledge, and monetise their work.

Creator Profile

A Profile Home Page will feature statistics such as how much $CAL token your account has generated, along with the number of donations, tips, and a couple of other general Social Media statistics.

Utilizing our Maiar Wallet connection system, you will also be able to privately view the contents of your wallet from the app. This particular profile is a “Creator Profile”, meaning the user is in possession of a CalileoCreator NFT, which will also determine the extra benefit and reward bonuses.


Introducing Calileo Chords! Here, users can upload short videos of their content, reaching audiences who don’t have time to read through articles or posts, and would prefer obtaining knowledge in a visual manner. Strum your Chord with a strong collection of videos to increase engagement and improve your follower base.


Here is what a theoretical comment section would look like in reply to the content uploaded to Calileo. We offer a clean and professional method of publicly communicating with creators, whilst also contributing to overall engagement.

Main Profile

Here is what a well-developed profile of an important Elrond community member would look like.

Anything and everything created by this person will be easily available to view and interact with. Some content may have restrictions or require a transaction to open, but we encourage as much free sharing as possible on Calileo.

Communication Hub

The Calileo Communication Hub, will be where community members spend their time reaching out to other Elrond holders and having conversations. Whether be interest in an NFT or a question about $EGLD, the CalCom is where you need to be.

Direct message

Direct Messages is the first option to choose from, which is similar to what is enjoyed on most social platforms, but with the addition of in-app money transfers. Since your Maiar Wallet is attached to the Calileo app, using the secure Elrond blockchain, money can be transferred between profiles through the DM portal.

Community Chat

The second communication option is called the Community section, where large associations like NFT Collectors or Elrond traders can discuss amongst each other. These overall Community Chats can be divided into as many subsections as necessary – in this case we included General Chat, Support, Developers and Trading. A successful NFT-specific Community may have multiple subsections to productively divide their population.

Additional Information

You can now explore the official prototype of our app on Calileo’s website! We have also prepared a slideshow highlighting the details and features of our Version 1.0 application.

Calileo is moving with incredible pace to upgrade to Version 2.0 within the coming weeks. The prototype places a lot of focus on the Community Hub, so we encourage you to interact with this interface. Certain features like Explore are still being implemented.

If any Elrond influencers would like to know more information about Calileo or their potential passive income, please reach out to @dens_calileo.

For more information, please visit us:

  • Whitepaper
  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • Telegram
Dens Akoka
Dens Akoka

CEO, Calileo

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Latest news on Calileo​

Check out our latest blog posts and updates

Since our inception, the team at Calileo has realized how important a strong and vibrant community foundation is to the overall success of a project. We strive to build one of the most engaging community spaces in the...

The story begins in Calileo, a town in the ancient Roman Empire, where hard work, honesty, and the pursuit of excellence were valued above all else. From a young age, respect and admiration of the peers and elders was earned by..