AMA — Ethos / Calileo #2

AMA — Ethos / Calileo #2

Dens Akoka · Nov 21, 2022 · 6min read

Hi Calileos! First, we wanted to thank our community for this incredible support! We’ve reached many Elrond community members lately, and we know that you love the Calileo project and our Ethos NFT designs. It’s amazing!

As our third mint is incoming (November 22nd, 19 UTC) we wanted to ensure that our community is aware of everything about the mint, Ethos NFTs & Calileo in general. This written format will allow us to share it with newcomers!

Mint Recap

As you know, we sold out our first two batches. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity you give us to build the greatest decentralized social platform. Thank you for your incredible support.

Our 3rd private mint will begin tomorrow at 19 UTC. We will offer 500 Ethos to our Moonlisted at 0.6 EGLD, which will be the last time you will be able to mint at this price. There will be no maximum limits per wallet. If you are a whale, you can mint all your Ethos in a single transaction 👀

The mint will take place on our website: (Please make sure to connect your wallet a few minutes before the mint, to check if you are correctly Moonlisted).


What are the real benefits of holding a common NFT?

Holding a common NFT is a starting point to participate in our DAO for strategic decisions made for the future of Calileo, making sure that you are involved in deciding what is better for your investment. You will have a voice. Plus it will allow you to boost your rewards in $CAL on the social platform and unlock the doors to participate in the $CAL private sale. You will eventually be able to stake your Ethos on the platform to earn even more rewards. 

Bear in mind that holding several common Ethos can help you stake up your rewards boost. This means that if you hold 20 common Ethos, there would be some equivalence to Moon Ethos in terms of rewards boost. Common Ethos are more valuable than you think, not to mention we are playing with the idea of a program capable of massively increasing the long term value of Standard Ethos.

Could you explain the rarity levels of the EthosNFTs and the total supply per level?

The Ethos are ranked according to their traits’ rarities. Meaning that a Moon Membership doesn’t necessarily appear in the ranks 1 to 100. However, if we’re talking about Membership tiers, there are 100 Moons, 200 Diamonds, 400 Obsidians, 800 Rubies, and 1,600 Jades.

Describe to us, what is your creative process? How would you describe Ethos NFT's art style?

Drawing the Ethos collection came from the sculpture of the David statue of Michelangelo. As some may know, this sculpture is a masterpiece of the Renaissance symbolizing liberty, perfection, and freedom. The art style combines ancient and modern technology, with hints of unique and distinctive traits that cannot be found on any other NFT collection. An unseen combination of bright, dark, and personal taste.

​​“When all was finished, it cannot be denied that this work has carried off the palm from all other statues, modern or ancient, Greek or Latin; no other artwork is equal to it in any respect, with such just proportion, beauty and excellence did Michelangelo finish it”.

At Calileo, we simply want to symbolize the effort in building a state-of-the-art social platform, mixed with fun and pop-culture-influenced attributes to exemplify the good times you finally have on a decentralized blockchain-based social network.

What utility will you give to your NFTs next?

We are so far exclusively focusing on the current utilities that are still yet to be introduced in practice. In the future, we are discussing more utilities to introduce to Ethos NFT holders. This would be surely communicated to the community.

Will there be 3D NFTs ready for the multiverse?

There aren’t any 3D NFTs in the plan for now. However, we like the idea of recreating unique Ethos that match the current 2D ones on the market. We aren’t close to it, but we will address the idea after the public sales. 

AMA Calileo social platform

Is any plan foreseen in order to prevent deep fakes?

Liveness detection is crucial to prevent deep fakes. Essentially, liveness detection ensures that an online user is a real person. It uses various technologies to differentiate between genuine humans and spoof artifacts. Without liveness detection, a criminal would be able to successfully spoof a system with presented fake photographs, videos, or masks.

We will work in the future on developing our own liveness detection, once the platform is more likely to have deep fakes present.

Will you publish the recommendation algorithms that you will use like open source?

We plan to be open source as soon as Calileo is on the market and running.

What is your 2023 roadmap?

Our 2023 roadmap involves carrying out our promises and developing the Calileo social platform, including all the features we have already planned to release. We expect Ethos to become one of the most valuable NFT projects on MultiversX based on our plans. We will keep growing the network of content creators and users. You can find our detailed roadmap here.

What is your marketing strategy?

Our marketing strategy is community-led and education-led. This means we will soon be starting our journey to educate the population about data ownership on social platforms, and other components that make decentralized social networks viable today. This will automatically lead to an all encompassing growth strategy regarding the Calileo social platform, utilizing a cross-channel content strategy to capture a larger audience throughout MultiversX and beyond. 

We are keen to acquire and spread awareness about Calileo; But retaining and cultivating our current community is our primary focus. This is when our strategy of gathering and growing together begins. We are planning to create key events and incentives for our community to stay entertained and spend valuable time with each other.

Are any partnerships planned in the near future?

We have already secured partnerships with key builders in the ecosystem, most recently Omniscient Tools. We are discussing partnerships with other major players on MultiversX, as well as content creators beyond the space. Everything we are planning is for a specific reason, and we will keep generating interest for anyone who wants to bring value to Calileo.

Now that Elrond's vision is focused on Multiverse, what place does Calileo fit in? Did your objectives change since you started the project?

We are closely following this newly drawn path by the MultiversX (Elrond) team. We are confident that any leap taken in the ecosystem won’t be difficult for our team to catch up to. Whatever will happen with the Multiverse, we will be ready. The Calileo platform has huge ambitions, and one of them would perfectly work and perhaps connect with most of the features developed by the MultiversX team.

Our objectives haven’t changed. We are still driven by change and expanding every day. The adoption of blockchain-based social features is our main objective.

How will you go about making yourself known to the general public?

Calileo’s primary focus is to help the MultiversX ecosystem in its vision of “Onboarding the next billion”. It starts with building a platform around its community with an important investment in user experience, in alignment with MultiversX.

The Calileo social platform would solve issues on other chains, thanks to a better user experience to onboard non-web3 users. Globally, we would allow users to practise their freedom of speech and their data ownership. This would ultimately bring more adoption to the MultiversX space with an important potential.

What is the most prominent strong point Calileo has compared to its competitors? What are the weak points?

Calileo strives for top-notch user experience in a high-tech ecosystem. Allowing anyone that doesn’t get the “technical stuff” to be able to use blockchain-based tools simply. We are still early and developing the platform. We will soon turn this dream into a reality and validate all our points. A weak point would be the initial difficulty of moving long term users of Discord, Telegram and Twitter to a new social platform. 

How will Calileo gather the necessary audience for any social network to thrive? Since the NFTs are limited, what will be the benefits for new users to join if they don't have any NFTs?

Our approach involves working with builders and brands in the MultiversX ecosystem. We will allow them to onboard their communities on Calileo as soon as the Beta is released. It will unlock the potential of the platform to enable communities and brands to connect together. Furthermore, we will work with content creators with a greater reach to increase our brand awareness and platform growth.

You will be able to see the benefits of joining Calileo regardless of if you hold Ethos or not. True freedom of speech, data ownership, web3 tools that enable brands and content creators to create deep connections with their audience; an all-in-one platform to both allow community retention and acquisition, and much more…

Holding Ethos NFTs enable our early believers to supercharge their wallet in perks and boosts around the Calileo ecosystem. It’s a bonus for our investors to gain deeper advantages of what Calileo has to offer.

When launch?

The Calileo social platform will officially launch in 2023, Q1.

If you haven’t read our previous AMA and would like to get more answers, you can find them here.

The team will keep working hard on the social platform after the mint this Tuesday to deliver more and more. We are planning to release more news about future incoming sales… Stay tuned, and patiently wait for the Calileo team to deliver 🛠️


For more information, please visit us:

Dens Akoka
Dens Akoka

CEO, Calileo

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