AMA — Ethos / Calileo #1

AMA — Ethos / Calileo #1

Dens Akoka · Oct 25, 2022 · 6min read

Hi Calileos! First, we wanted to thank our community for this incredible support! We’ve reached many Elrond community members lately, and we know that you love the Calileo project and our Ethos NFT designs. It’s amazing!

As our private mint is incoming (date TBD) we wanted to ensure that our community is aware of everything about the mint, Ethos NFTs & Calileo in general. This written format will allow us to share it with newcomers!

Mint recap

Our 1st Private Mint will begin soon and will be split into 3 batches. The first batch will happen on day 1 at 19PM UTC (500 supply), the second one on day 3 at 19PM UTC (500 supply), and the third one on day 5 at 19PM UTC (500 supply). There will be a maximum of 10 mints per wallet for the first two batches, and no maximum for the last one. If you are a whale, you can mint all your Ethos in a single transaction 👀 Concerning those who won a free mint, you need to use the wallet address that you have provided to us (this applies to the moonlisted too).

The mint will take place on our website: (Please make sure to connect your wallet a few minutes before the mint, to check if you are correctly Moonlisted).


What is the utility of the Ethos NFT? How do we benefit from holding one?

Your Ethos NFT is the gateway for our early believers and investors to unlock the full potential of Calileo and build your social wealth with boosted rewards before global adoption. On top of boosted rewards, which vary depending on the membership trait your Ethos has, you could get exclusive access to use Calileo before the public and invest in our $CAL token at its lowest price. Ultimately, more perks will arise throughout the Calileo journey in the future such as staking pools and our Calileo Moon (Premium Subscription like Twitter Blue) for free.

What will Ethos NFT project mean in another 5 or 10 Years? Given the market conditions, what are the team's UNIQUE future plans to maintain the growth trend of the floor price of the NFT?
Ethos NFTs are an opportunity for any investor on Elrond to take part in an early project that understands the future landscape of social networks; supercharged by web3. Calileo is built with sustainability at its forefront, utilizing a relatively unexplored web3 trend for social platforms. Your Ethos will carry the same utilities in 5 or 10 years. We will continuously develop our plans to bring more features and solutions to our ecosystem using Ethos. All of this will require our community.
What are the security put in place to ensure that investors investment are safe and they get value for their investment?

Investing early in a project employs knowing that there is a higher risk. However, we are dedicated and passionate about the future of social networks and are backed up by multiple trusted personalities in the Elrond ecosystem. People believe in our vision of a better future on social media, highlighted by safety and security. Your Ethos will be protected by the full force of the Elrond network

Financially speaking, how much does it matter that the NFTs are SO for the project to have continuity and be completed in good conditions? Or how much (%) of the collection do you have to sell to break even?

Around 25% of the NFT sales will be utilised for paying important resources. Our team, suppliers, and partners. Which will be essential to move forward until our Beta release in Q1 2023. The rest will be utilised to accelerate the process through better development, marketing and resources in general, where 5% will also go towards a charity called SuperVictor.

If we mint an NFT with a Jade Membership, we have a 3-months Calileo Moon... What does it mean exactly? What's the true meaning of Calileo Moon, and what happens at the end of this period?

People that use social media don’t have a platform that builds power features that meet their needs. Well, that’s about to change. Our team took has made tremendous research this past year to get to the heart of social network users’ expectations. Calileo is developing and iterating upon other solutions and ideas that will give the people who will use Calileo the most they are looking for: access to exclusive features and perks that will take their experience on Calileo to the next level on the web3. And for those wondering, yes, a free Calileo is a top priority for our team. This subscription offering is simply meant to add enhanced and complementary features to the builders, creators, and professionals who want it.

We know, that ‘Moon’ is the marketing buzzword used by multiple cryptocurrency ventures over 2021. But it has a meaning behind the Calileo project. Carrying the misspelt name of Galileo Galilei, the first man on Earth who saw the Moon from a different angle. His findings would totally overturn an ancient model of the universe, like Calileo. In the future development of Calileo, we will be rolling out our first iteration of Calileo Moon in the key areas where Calileo will be present. Our hope with this model is to gain a deeper understanding of what will make our creators’ and builders’ experiences more customised, more expressive, and generally speaking more to them.

Calileo Moon will be a Twitter-Blue-like premium subscription unlocking the platform’s full potential. It will be introduced in 2023 Q2 and holders of Ethos NFT may have it for free, depending on the rarity. of their Membership Trait. So for instance, if you mint a Jade Membership, you will have Calileo Moon for free for 3 months as soon as we have introduced it to the Calileo platform. Then, after these 3 months, you will loolosesunlesse Calileo Moon unles you start paying for it.

What are your plans for Ethos NFTs after the mint takes place?

The Ethos NFT upcoming mint will be the first batch among others. Our primary focus areas after this first sale will be to organise the future mints, connect with our community holding their Ethos, keep sharing our values and plans with the Elrond ecosystem, and keep building the Calileo MVP.

What is your way to ensure that those minted lower-rank NFTs will keep their floor price higher than the mint price at the secondary market? It is hard to achieve especially for those projects with huge supply.

Our primary method of maintaining value is to keep building over the long term. Investors decide value based off a combination of many factors such as art quality, utility, community, and overall optics. As mentioned before, rushing the process is rarely a viable solution. We want our timing to have a positive effect on our holders’ emotions and therefore the floor price. Our team is already building and will keep developing until the foreseeable future. Always leaving our investors with news to ponder. We strongly believe the community will appreciate Ethos as soon as it hits the market.

On the other hand, we believe that selling out the Ethos collection in several mints will maintain excitement amongst the Elrond community and keep the floor at a respectable value.

How will having an Ethos NFT be an advantage for the rest of the project?

Ethos is a direct representation of the quality of work Calileo will be putting into our products. When people think of Calileo and our platform, they will associate a high quality NFT that the community loves. Ethos brand increases attention and investment into Calileo, providing advantages to both the company and the user through utility and increased value potential.

Which one will be the rarest trait in your collection?

Our rarest trait in the Ethos NFT collection will be the Gold Body. There will only be 1 out of 10,000 (0.01%).

Can you please elaborate more about the staking rewards pools? What kind of rewards? How often?

The staking won’t be available before the Calileo Beta. More information will be communicated closer to the time of release.

AMA Calileo social platform

What makes Calileo different from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Social media has proven to be an incredible opportunity for businesses and creators to advertise their work, collaborate, and change the world together. They benefit from unlimited technology provided by social platforms. The problem is, that these platforms have been given value thanks to the people creating outstanding content, defying all creativity. The content creators, the users, don’t receive anything back from the technology provider, Instagram, or TikTok.

Calileo is here to change the social media industry. With the help of Web3 technologies and the Elrond/Maiar ecosystem, the new social network will reshape what has been lost during what was supposed to be the journey to empower the people online and facilitate fun digital interactions.

We won’t be totally different in terms of UX and UI. Although we will supercharge Calileo with web3 features that will benefit all users.

How will be managed the moderation of the publications?

You will be able to signal content and it will be voted on by a randomly selected jury of 12 people for it to stay on the Calileo platform or not. The majority of the vote wins.

Calileo will always seek a unanimous verdict first. This is a verdict on which all jurors agree, so either guilty or not guilty. In the early stages when the jury is considering its verdict, Calileo cannot accept a majority verdict. If the jury is completely stuck, a majority decision may be accepted. The timing of this will vary from case to case. In general, the most serious reported content will have a longer wait.

If Calileo decides to allow a majority verdict, it will tell the jury that they should strive to reach a verdict with which they agree. If they cannot, Calileo will tell them that a majority verdict will be accepted. In a 12-person jury, no more than two jurors may disagree. When there are 10 or 11 members on a jury, only one person can disagree. However, if there are 9 jurors, the verdict must be unanimous. If the verdict is ‘not guilty’, the defendant is free to let his or her post stand (if there are no other outstanding issues).

And yes, the jury will get a reward in $CAL for their participation.

Are you planning to launch some marketing campaigns/collabs to onboard more people from other chains? This could help Elrond's vision of "Onboarding the next billion". Growing the ecosystem helps everyone!

Calileo’s primary focus is to help the Elrond ecosystem in its vision of “Onboarding the next billion”. It starts with building a platform around its community with an important investment in user experience, in alignment with Elrond.

The Calileo social platform would solve issues on other chains, thanks to a better user experience to onboard non-web3 users, but also globally, allowing users to get back their freedom of speech and their data ownership. This would ultimately bring more adoption to the Elrond space with an important potential.

How do you plan to "fight" against bots? If we compare it with Twitter, many accounts are bots... What can you do against that?

Calileo will only allow Maiar users to connect to the platform. Reducing the number of bots considerably. Improving our user experience.

Could Calileo be the bridge between web2 and web3, in order to allow a passage to those who have no knowledge of the blockchain in a simpler way and closer to what they know in web2 (classic social network)?

Yes – bridging the gap between web2 and web3 is an important step for mass adoption. This is why it remains important to keep the current UX while bringing brand-new features thanks to blockchain technology.

How will Calileo function on our preferences for different posts? And how will information be filtered on each post on the platform? Will it be as much as twitter but only for the Maiar People? (Only for the community)

Users will decide on their preferences for different posts. You will be able to build your own feeds with a wide range of ‘feed settings’. E.g., topics, hashtags, people, location, languages, etc.

Will the social platform have a video conference possible?

Yes, but that feature won’t be available on the platform before 2023.

Would you have a guide about the $CAL utility?​

Calileo grants access to the usage of its network through intrinsic utility tokens called Calileos, in short CALs. All rewards for various contributions to the network will be paid in CALs. Creating content, curating content, improving the opensource code, supporting creators and users, having an impact on others in the platform, and other sorts of contributions will be rewarded in CALs.

You can have a look at our whitepaper, litepaper, or onepager if you would like to find out more about $CAL utility.

Will the app be (ad) free for content consumers?

The platform will feature boosted content for genuine creators and brands (free of charge for verified charities).

Any Itheum integration in the pipeline?

The data ownership enabler in the metaverse could help Calileo in its journey to allow users to own their 21 data produced in the platform and decide to do whatever they want with it. This is in the pipeline. It has to be.

Is the created content stored as NFT?

Calileo will be fully decentralised using the IPFS. The InterPlanetary File System. Which is a peer-to-peer filesharing system. It’s that way that you decentralise a platform. Your created content get therefore tokenised as NFTs.

Would there be bug bounties or airdrops?

Yes there will be in the future. But not before 2023.

The team will keep working hard on the social platform after the mint this Thursday to deliver more and more. We are planning to release more news about future incoming sales… Stay tuned, and patiently wait for the Calileo team to deliver 🛠️


For more information, please visit us:

Dens Akoka
Dens Akoka

CEO, Calileo

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