AMA — Calileo — 12/04/2023

AMA — Calileo — 12/04/2023

Dens Akoka · Apr 12, 2023 · 13min read

Hi Calileos! First, we wanted to thank our community for this incredible support! We’ve reached many MultiversX community members lately, and we know that you love the Calileo project and our Ethos NFT collection. It’s amazing!

As our MVP is around the corner, we wanted to organise a Discord AMA with you, our community, and answer all your questions related to Calileo. Some of us couldn’t attend, therefore we have pulled this written format for you to read in case you’ve missed it.

Could we see Calileo letting space for ads in order to generate income?

Yes. Calileo Ads should be available for the end of this year. The way we see boosted content on Calileo is three things: being profitable, participative, and collaborative. Meaning that we want to share these revenues with users allowing to share their data with Calileo for advertisers to use. We think it makes sense to allow adverts this way. You sell your data, you should earn income from it. Ultimately it would generate more usability from creators, wanting to use the platform, generate more data, and share it with advertisers to participate in the income value. On the other hand, we want to allow charities and NGOs to boost their content for free. An environmental and social cause should be able to spread their message to a maximum of people for free.

Do you have a business growth plan for the next 2-3 years? Will it appear in the whitepaper v2?

Yes, we do. It is important to have a long-term plan to sustain a business. What’s difficult to foresee are macro-level occurrences.

In the short-term (1 year), we want to launch our platform until reaching the Beta stage, meaning that we are in a position to further develop the platform. The CAL token sales remain an important step ahead to fund Calileo and deliver even more. Generating excitement and momentum until the next bull run. Adding up features. And joining the big brands on MultiversX. We also want to attract the first big grants and join xExchange to have CAL tradable in a DeFi environment.

In the mid-term (1 to 3 years), our ambition is to become the leading social platform in the crypto space. Already starting to compete with major social platforms. Launch on the AppStore and PlayStore. Add Metaverse features. Grow our ecosystem and welcome 1 million+ user. Working hand-to-hand with MultiversX and other major “builders” in the ecosystem to always improve Calileo further.

In the long term (3 to 5 years), we want to become the most used platform on MultiversX and the wider crypto space. We want to be in a position to compete with major social platforms. And have 10 million+ users.

Why the users should switch to Calileo instead of the classic web2 apps?

Switching to Calileo today is being part of the future of social media. Where you own your content, where your data isn’t used for profits unless you are incentivised, where content creators are fairly paid, where freedom of speech is reinstalled, and so forth… There is a lot of consideration that can be done better, and it needs a sound infrastructure.

How do you protect users privacy?

We never store or have access to your assets. You’re in full control over your funds. If you are using any connection method such as xPortal that is a non-custodial wallet. This means that xPortal:

  • Is a non-custodial wallet so only the user has control over their funds.
  • Has access to dApps unlike custodial wallets.
  • Does not keep any personal information.

It’s important to note that your crypto is not stored in xPortal nor Calileo, it’s stored on the blockchain. xPortal is just a simple and intuitive interface that users can leverage to access and manage their funds. Calileo unlocks more features with social interactions. Calileo will never have access to your private details stored on your device or on your wallet through the transactions that you’ve signed on the blockchain.

How many users do you plan to have after the first year?

Between 10k and 100k.

As a user, not a content creator, are there any revenues?

Yes, there will be. Anyone is a creator. Anyone can receive tips in EGLD and USDC at the start. Content creators are just status. Once CAL will be integrated this quarter, there will be social rewards when posting and interacting with content.

How do you plan to raise awareness?

Building and getting recognised on MultiversX will be a great step ahead. Being a pioneering platform in this network will ultimately greatly help as MultiversX grows. Moreover, we’ll keep using channels where Crypto Twitter is on a daily basis. Using our marketing power to seduce them and welcome them on Calileo.

Do you have enough money for future development of the product for another year?

We do. With the CAL sales around the corner, this will strengthen this insurance. Regarding our resources and already-thought features, we already built the flow of enough features to develop for 1 year and more. Which only needs integration on Calileo.

I see new members joining these days. Why do you think this is happening?

Perhaps because there’s true excitement and people know about Calileo. Whether this is our core community interacting daily, or people looking from afar. Momentum is here. We have been showcased by the MultiversX twitter account once. There’s only the Alpha release to start great momentum.

When will the whitepaper v2 be available?

Before the end of April, give or take.

What will be the common Ethos role in the app? I mean the ones with no membership.

Ethos holders can add up their Ethos to earn boosts in CAL up to 600%. Holding an Ethos, regardless of its membership will also allow you staking opportunities once CAL has been rolled out.

Do you plan to get in touch with the MultiversX team?

We are already in touch in a closed Telegram group for MultiversX builders. Once our Alpha is up and running, and our CAL token rolled out, we’ll be in a good place to improve our presence such as in the xPortal Hub and beyond.

Will every interaction need CAL tokens? If so, how can a newcomer interact with the app until he sees the value and decides to buy some tokens? If you limit too much the interactions, you’ll lose him.

We decided to switch some interactions to the backend. So that would be easy to participate with minimum holdings in EGLD. At the start, you will need to hold EGLD to sign transactions, such as editing your profile or creating a post. Giving likes, and following, won’t require you to sign a transaction.

Are you planning to implement some daily tasks for users in order to reach awareness?

We might use Crew3 to do it so, once Calileo goes public. That’s a good idea.

Will there be contests? Something like the best post of the week, top influencer of the month and so on…

Yes, for sure. We will showcase our first users and most impactful content creators weekly.

Calileo Moon will be verified accounts with KYC?

Calileo Moon will be a premium subscription model to have access to exclusive features. Such as adding a subscribe button to your profile, so your followers could give you some crypto every month in exchange for exclusive content, etc.

What’s the target audience?

So we’ve got three target audiences: the MultiversX community loving hype projects and looking to be early, the Crypto ecosystem (Crypto Twitter) looking for fun and web3 features, Content Creators wanting to use community-based features and receive sound earnings, and Brands/Businesses wanting to build a thriving community and increase their awareness and sales.

If you plan to onboard no crypto users how can you do this? Will there be a version on the app with no wallet linked to the account?

For now, we are releasing and developing a web3-based social platform. Wanting to popularise this method of using applications in a social environment. In the future, we would like to allow a normal/traditional email login method, driving new users to connect a wallet to get the full experience of Calileo in the web3 world. Just like Sorare does for example.

A web3 app keeps track of data in the blockchain. For a user this means signing transactions at every step. This will make users leave soon as they like as little interactions as possible. How will you resolve this issue?

I answered this question above, that we have decided to switch some quick interactions to the backend. Once Calileo will be more developed, we could also think of meta-transactions. Meaning that the user will leave the transaction fee to a relayer (us) without having to sign.

Do you plan to add some badges for the top accounts? For example: most popular (over 100k followers), most active member (over 50k comments) and so on..

Once Calileo Moon will be rolled out, users will have a Moon badge on their avatar. Then once there will be that subscribing feature, subscribers supporting their creator will have a special badge.

How about implementing jobs? A new NFT collection makes its Calileo business profile. After that it pays in CAL tokens to create jobs for its members (something like crew3 tasks. It’s a new idea I have now, I’ll need to think it over better, but you get the whole point).

This could be a great area/feature to explore in the future. Building a social platform needs a lot of things to take into consideration. We’ll keep this in mind as it’s proven to work well for communities as we’ve seen on Crew3.

Are there any plans to partner with Itheum? I see good use cases here for both products.

It’s in our plans. Notably for the data ownership side of things. With the possibility to sell it to advertisers on Calileo. I’ve got their contact. Once we’re ready to develop it, we’ll be in touch with them.

Any plans to integrate Calileo share feature in other web3 projects? For example somebody plays Giants Village and shares his village on Calileo.

Yes, 100%. Once Calileo will be public, developing compelling APIs will be crucial for Calileo to spread its wings outside its platform.

Cross-chain implementation in the future?

Yes. Metamask for example, and perhaps Lens. These two login methods will allow cross-chain possibilities. It’s in our roadmap.

Any plans for Calileo login (like Facebook login)?

One step at a time, but yes. This is something we should take into consideration once Calileo will be complete, and up and running.

Can you tell us more about Calileo’s vision as the first community-built social platform and how it differs from traditional social media platforms?

We all know about the web3 and how powerful it is widely used in our ecosystem to build alongside retail investors, a community of believers… The difference with traditional social media platforms is that they build and make decision depending on their shareholders’s views, political opinions, etc. As a community-built platform, we are building alongside passionate and diverse people

How does Calileo ensure free speech and avoid censorship on its platform while fostering constructive discussion and growth?

Free speech is allowed when there’s no central authority deciding for you wether you can post or discuss about a certain topic without being censored. Calileo doesn’t have all of that. Calileo doesn’t explicitly decide. However it still has to ensure that the platform is free of deemed inappropriate and illegal content. Then the people decides freely what they want to post and chat about

Can you elaborate on Calileo’s approach to data ownership, and how it differs from traditional social media platforms?

Calileo cannot use your data as most interactions require to sign a transaction. However, regarding interaction that are off-chain, on the backend, we will never use this data without your consent for advertisers.

How does Calileo provide economic incentives for content creators, curators, and users on its platform?

First we are giving a tipping button to content creators on their content and then profiles. Meaning that all creators can receive EGLD or USDC directly from their post or profile into their wallet.

Once the CAL token is rolled out, we will integrate the token to Calileo with a Do-To-Earn mechanism where the more your post has interactions so therefore is successful, the more CAL you will earn. And as opposed to a creator, as a curator, you will earn CAL tokens for each likes and comments realised on publications. All users are creators.

Can you share more about the features available for content creators, brands, and charities on the Calileo platform?

Today, anyone can create a post with text and image content, which looks like a mix between instagram and twitter in terms of layout. Content creators have the tools to become very creative as much as in their text content as in their image content. They also have as I mentioned before the possibility to receive tips in crypto (EGLD or USDC). We are also unleashing the power of collaborations between content creators and brands to cross-post and split their revenues on a post. Any brand, creator, can have a social profile where their ERD address can be copied as well, people can also view their held NFTs, etc.

Charities can also benefit from all of these features, with in the future the possibility to change the word ‘Tip’ on their profile and post to ‘Donate’ for example.

The future of Calileo, and constant progress of features adding up will provide a sound platform competing with other social platforms. Because we will focus on giving the right tools and opportunities to our users throughout time.

How does Calileo plan to attract and retain users on its platform, and what sets it apart from other social media platforms?

I believe I’ve sort of answered this similar question before. But basically, we will stay close to our community of users. Build upon our plan of features to roll out, that is shared publicly to you now on our Notion. And that whole web3 vibe and focus on today’s problems on centralised social platform will give Calileo a clear competitive advantage once the platform will take a greater shape.

Can you tell us more about Calileo’s partnerships and collaborations with other companies and organizations in the industry?

So far we have partnered with multiple community-focused brands on MultiversX such as Elrond Mafia or Giants Village, and other strong communities on our network. For the product side of things, we partnered with Combased for the technical, Jujotte, a web2 company for the UX and UI.

We are planning on working with major organisations in the industry to join the Alpha release. Brands like QoWatt are joining. And on top of that, exciting news, we will be working with Utrust (xMoney) on on-ramp/off-ramp opportunities for content creators. We are also planning to work with Itheum for data ownership related activities on Calileo, but we aren’t in touch with them yet. We are in touch with Utrust though, through our Marketing Advisor, Anita, who is CMO at Ustrust.

Can you share any upcoming developments or updates for the Calileo platform and how they will enhance the user experience?

The Beta release will employ many feature releases such as chatting with other users on Calileo and creating Communities (simplified-Discord-like servers), until a small thing that is to use your NFT as a profile picture and change its shape… There is a lot in the pipeline and you should read our public Notion once again and try some of these features on our prototype.

How does Calileo plan to expand its reach and attract a wider audience to its platform in the future?

I’ve answered this before as well. But to summarise, we are planning to become mature on MultiversX while keeping our doors open to other networks to discover and hang out on Calileo. Then, once we feel ready, we will expand our reach to other networks by pushing the boundaries of user experience and having compelling marketing campaigns on the go with always for the main objective to empower people to create great things on the web3.

Can you elaborate on the role of blockchain technology in the Calileo platform and how it benefits users?

This answer is simple: on social platforms such as Calileo, blockchain technology allows decentralization, seamless onboarding, more transparency, more trust between users, increased engagement and loyalty thanks to sound incentives with social tokens, ownership and monetisation of your content, etc… there’s so much we could add to this list. I don’t believe that Twitter or Instagram fill those criteria.

When it comes to content moderation, how does Calileo look to balance blocking inappropriate content with free and open debate on potentially controversial topics?

Calileo has an automated content moderation that recognises illegal/inappropriate contents that are not accepted online or anywhere in the world. For transparency, you can find accurately the level of content filtering publicly shared on our Notion.

We might auto moderate too much at the beginning. It’s a safety measure at the start. And then we’ll adapt step by step. It will be a learning curve in total transparency and collaboration with our users.

Open debates on potentially controversial topics are encouraged. Your content won’t be blocked nor censored if you talk about a sensible topic.

For more information, please visit us:

Dens Akoka
Dens Akoka

CEO, Calileo

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