6 Great Reasons to Mint an Ethos NFT

6 Great Reasons to Mint an Ethos NFT.

Dens Akoka · Dec 13, 2022 · 4min read

The Ethos NFT Collection is going to public sale on Tuesday the 20th of December, on Frame It.

We minted out the 3 rounds of our private sale in a matter of hours and can’t wait to give more people the opportunity to become part of this revolutionary project and great community.

There are many great reasons to mint an Ethos NFT, some of these are below.

Early access to Calileo.

By owning an Ethos NFT, you will get early access to the Calileo platform in 2023.

Those with higher membership tiers will get earlier access but all Ethos holders will have early access to the beta version of the platform before it is released to the public.

We can’t wait until our community get the opportunity to test the platform.

Check out the V2 Prototype here for a preview of what we are developing.

Participate in our $CAL token private sales.

By owning an Ethos NFT, you also get early access to our $CAL token sales.

The $CAL token is the lifeblood of our platform and it’s the growth engine of Calileo that incentivises creation and engagement on the platform.

By owning an Ethos NFT, you will have access to the private rounds of our $CAL token sale.

Moon and Diamond memberships will be able to participate in the initial, seed round of the $CAL sale. Obsidian, Ruby and Jade membership holders will be able to participate in the private round.

Once the platform goes live, all Ethos NFT holders will be able to stake their NFTs on the platform to earn $CAL.

Support our mission of creating a decentralised and democratised future.

The funds raised by the Ethos NFT sale will go towards the development of the platform.

If you care about the principles of free speech, privacy and the democratisation of social media, you should care about the development of Calileo.

We are continuously making significant progress towards our vision, but obviously, with greater funding we have the opportunity to move the project along with greater impetus and speed.

5% of each NFT sale also goes to supporting Victor, the little boy from Romania who has captured the hearts of the MultiversX community in his fight against SMA.

The Calileo Project and Community uniting to build a better future together.

You can shape the future of Calileo through our DAO.

The Calileo platform will be governed by its DAO. The DAO will be made up of Ethos NFT holders who will have the right to vote on proposals that will shape the future of the platform.

Moon Memberships will have greater influence as their voting power will be multiplied by 1.5x but all Ethos holders can influence the direction of Calileo by submitting and voting on proposals that are executed through smart contracts to ensure trustlessness and transparency.

It makes a great PFP.

You can’t deny the art of the Ethos NFT collection, inspired by artistic and philosophical influences of the past, is straight fire.

The artistic direction represents Calileo’s desire to stand on the shoulders of past giants, to build a better future.

There are also contemporary influences such as the wireless earphones, smartphone and pride tee traits amongst other hints to modernisation.

We were also artistically inspired by some of our partners including MaiarPunks and Giants, as well as MultiversX themselves and this is reflected in the art of the Ethos NFT collection.

We hope to see many more accounts rocking Calileo PFPs after the public mint.

$CAL Staking and Rewards

Holders of Ethos NFTs will receive staking rewards and contribution boosts paid in our native token, $CAL.

The higher your membership tier, the more $CAL rewards you will receive through both staking your Ethos NFT or your content contribution to Calileo.

As mentioned above, the $CAL token is the lifeblood of Calileo and incentivises creation and engagement on the platform through monetization.

Owning an (or multiple) Ethos equals a greater opportunity to earn $CAL.

For more information, please visit us:

Dens Akoka
Dens Akoka

CEO, Calileo

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